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Starswirl the Bearded WAS, in Fact, Celestia’s Student!

I always LOVED this idea, and I think it would’ve been awesome to get it through to people. I believe that Starswirl the Bearded was, in fact, Celestia’s student, and i’m going to prove how! Now, before I start, i’d like to say that Starswirl is NOT Discord, which I will also be proving within this theory!image

So let’s begin way back in Equestrian history. Back when there was no Equestria! In that day, the three tribes of ponies (Earth ponies, Pegasus, and Unicorns) were not unified into one civilization. Each tribe had a leader. For the earth ponies it was “Chancellor PuddingHead”, The Unicorns had “Princess Platinum”, and the pegasus leader was “Commander Hurricane”. And for each leader, a second in command. “Smart Cookie”, “Clover the Clever”, and “Private Pansy”.

We already know that this was all before-during the founding of Equestria, before Discord hadn’t been around yet. That also means Celestia and Luna weren’t around, yet, to stop him. Yet Starswirl was around, and as Clover the Clever’s mentor/teacher! So if Starswirl was around all throughout that time, he must be pretty old right? The only way he couldn’t be is if this all happened within a short time span.

When you think about it, and pay attention, Celestia’s always rounding everything in Equestria to “1’000 years ago” so we know that this had to of happened around the same general time. And we also know that Discord came to Equestria before Celestia and Luna defeated him, to come into power. This means that Starswirl couldn’t have been Discord. 

As we all know, Celestia defeated Discord to take power, with her sister, in Equestria. So if Celestia were to have known Starswirl, then he, Starswirl, couldn’t have been Discord. Starswirl lived long enough with celestia for her to know his ambitions, and his being not interested in friends. Long enough to know where he kept his book, and long enough to know him on a personal level.

Okay, so Starswirl isn’t Discord. So how does this prove that Starswirl was Celestia’s student? Well, as we can assume, Celestia tried to convince Starswirl to get friends like she did with Twilight. She knew it was out of his reach to complete his most important spell, and that he couldn’t have done it without friends to aid him. She knew where his book was, or he even possibly gave it to her, and which Celestia allowed Twilight to finish what Starswirl couldn’t. image

Now you might be saying ” Well maybe celestia just had it in a public library, or somethin’ ” (No, seriously, i’ve gotten this before) Well, i’m pretty sure not! I mean, come on! Do you seriously think that Starswirl’s all powerful book of magic spells and incantations would be put in a library? It wasn’t even finished! Imagine if somepony attempted that last spell and ruined someone else’s lives! It’s possible that she kept it in the “Starswirl the Bearded Wing” library, where only ponies permitted could reach it. (I feel like I should say something about how “Wing” is in the name to represent how if he were to complete the spell and get friends to do so, he would’ve been an alicorn… you know, gain wings… But i’ll just leave it alone)

It’s hard to say for sure that Starswirl was Celestia’s student, it’s just one of those things you just feel and know is true. We have seen Celestia talk about Starswirl in a way that made it seem like she mentored him, and we’ve seen how Celestia states that Starswirl once faced an issue that was also something that Twilight had to deal with (Friendship). We know that Celestia has taken up other students than Twilight, and that she enjoys teaching.

Celestia wouldn’t just hold up a school for gifted unicorns, and choose a personal candidate for no reason! Maybe she felt like there needed to be someone to help her, someone she could pass her teachings to, or maybe it was because she lost a student, and needed another/better one.

All of her students that we know of (Sunset Shimmer, and Twilight Sparkle) had issues with the concept of friendship, and so did Starswirl. People say that he’s too old to be celestia’s student, while I say “even if that’s true, you’re never too old to learn”. Not to mention that we know him as being old, there’s nothing that says he was younger at the time he was being taught by Celestia. 

I’d love to see some Starswirl in an episode sometime, just to get some history. I think I speak for everyone when I say we need some more equestrian past. Now, if this were to happen, and they decided to make Starswirl into Discord, I won’t be mad or feel like I wasn’t right… (Maybe I will….) But I will feel like they missed a completely good chance for an amazing storyline. They’ve already had so many moments where Starswirl has some spark of mystery behind him, and none of those have to do with Discord.

We already have a Discord, why not have a new and special character? (Not saying that Discord isn’t special) I think we’ve had a lot of the Discord nonsense and that it would be an amazing story for Starswirl to be connected to Celestia on the student/teacher level. Plus it would be nice to know for sure that Sunset Shimmer wasn’t the first choice…


So, what do you think? Is Discord celestia’s student? Send your thoughts via email: or by reddit comment. 

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